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e-commerce overseas export
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Expensive shipping cost, complicated procedure, duplicate DocumentationnowCommDxgoSimple and efficient systemprovides.

전자상거래 수출신고

E-commerce accounted for 87% of total imports and 75% of exports (as of January-August 2022) among all domestic trade transactions. The number of e-commerce export customs clearance cases reached 40 million. 

Exceeded 40 million e-commerce exports per year

Problems CommDx seeks to solve


In addition to direct product sales activities of e-commerce global sellers, Comdex

We want to digitize the distributed and inefficiently managed work in overseas delivery, customs clearance, and tax processing.

high shipping cost


Up to 80% higher for small sellers than large sellers

​Overseas express company avoiding contracts with small sellers with few shipments

​Price and conditions cannot be compared

Lack of IT system and professional manpower


Depending on various sales environments (own system, marketplace, shopping mall solution) and customer needs  System development or linkage is required, but IT system and professional manpower are insufficient for this purpose_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Complicated export declaration process


​Currently, there are four types of export declaration: general export declaration, simplified export declaration, catalog customs clearance, and catalog conversion report, each with different reporting forms and procedures. In particular, list customs clearance is not recognized for export performance. 78% of all e-commerce exports are undeclared

Duplicate. Manual work


Duplicate handwriting of similar information collected through multiple routes  depending on the file format or transmission method. Varies by delivery company, person in charge, system environment, etc.

Ecommerce Global Seller

“The most important factors in e-commerce overseas export are price competitiveness, product quality, and delivery and logistics competitiveness.”

“For sellers like us who are just starting out, even if we want to sign a contract with an overseas express delivery company, they are often reluctant to sign a contract because the number of shipments is small. Therefore, it is difficult to compete with basic price competitiveness. 

Comdex's values

Comdex allows all e-commerce global sellers to develop  without complex procedures or costly system development.

Compare and select competitive delivery companies, automatically collect orders from multiple sales channels, and manage delivery based on this data.

We provide a digital work environment where export declaration management can be integrated and managed in one place 

100% export declaration
​One-stop integrated management

We want to provide integrated management of various distributed tasks such as order collection, delivery application and management, export declaration and management, and business communication with business-related people.

easy and simple use

If only the internet is available, anyone can use the service easily and quickly through a simple sign-up process.

Improving price and service competitiveness

​You can increase price and service competitiveness by comparing prices and conditions of various couriers without a direct contract.

​You can easily handle cumbersome and difficult export declarations, so you can receive benefits based on your export performance

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